Many steps have been taken to promote sustainable tourism throughout the Sabi Sand. All of the lodges take great pride in the protection of the biodiverse flora and fauna that can be found in the reserve.  Dedicated people working for the management of the reserve maintain the untouched state to which it was found generations ago.

One of the many conservation initiatives that are supported here is the safety of the Rhinoceros.  Rhino conservation teams are doing everything in their power to protect these majestic animals. Extreme measures have been taken to ensure their safety. The Sabi Sand Reserve  has resorted to injecting non-lethal chemicals into the a live rhino’s horn. The chemical is non-toxic to the animal but is near fatal if a human consumes it. The goal is to create a nonviable option for poachers looking to hunt in the Sabi Sand. When the horn is ‘contaminated’ it becomes a useless product to the buyer. Visit for more information about this organization.