Park Info


The Sabi Sand Reserve is a group of reserves that can be found nestled along a portion of the western region of the Kruger National Park. The reserve shares its 65,000 hectares with the unfenced 50 kilometer boundary with the Kruger Park.

The Sabi Sand Reserve is located in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa. The park is named after the rivers that are nearby. The Sabi River lies on the southern border, and the Sand River flows directly through the reserve.


The Sabi Sand Reserve is one of the oldest private reserves in South Africa. It is well known worldwide for its ultra-luxurious accommodation.  The inspiration of the creation of the Sabi Sands can be traced back to the late 1800’s by the Voortrekkers. These were groups of European explorers from Dutch and English descent.

The families that owned the land in this region during that time are still a common place. At least 6 of the original family names still own parts of this shared land generations later. In 1948 these land owners had dropped their fences between their properties to create a larger region for the animals within to roam. In 1993, after the threat of foot and mouth disease was eradicated, the fences were then taken down between Sabi Sand and the Kruger National Park. Animals can to this day migrate freely over these boundaries.

The passion for conservation runs deeply in this area. There is always talk of expansion of the reserves to protect the land and its inhabitants.